Providing protection for better outcomes: The need for boundary walls at schools in Pakistan

Abbas Ali Gillani

First published: 31 May, 2019


This paper explores the importance of a boundary wall at school as a measure of protection and safety, by testing the correlation between a school having a boundary wall and its total enrolment. By using panel data estimation with year and district fixed effects we find that across all levels of schooling, having a boundary wall was correlated with higher total enrolment. Enrolment at primary, middle and high school was 4.0 per cent, 2.3 per cent and 3.0 percent higher. Gender-wise breakup of the results shows similar correlation for both boys and girls at primary level. However, at middle and high school level, the correlation between boundary wall and total enrolment was only significant for girls.

Keywords: Enrolment · Boundary wall · Protection.

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